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  • Mission and People with Learning Disabilities
    It’s been four months since I left the Good News Group and I’ve lamented on how hard I have found it and reflected on what God might me leading me to next. However, one gift God has given me is the opportunity to go back to GNG once a term ... read more
    Lynn McCannPublished on 2019-01-12
    3 months ago
  • An Unfortunate Start, But What Our Young Carer Daughter Has Taught Us Since!
    We have two children; James, 16, Autistic, with Learning Difficulties and Epilepsy, and Phoebe, 19, neurotypical and a young carer.  This post is all about Phoebe’s unfortunate start on James’ arrival, but then all that we have learned from her since. The arrival of a second child into a family ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2019-01-11
    3 months ago
  • 12 Things That Make Special Needs Families Different
    As we start getting back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is), after the holidays, it’s a time for pondering and contemplation…  Over the 12 days of Christmas I offered 12 thoughts for families with children with special or additional needs, and they each serve as a useful reminder of some of ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2019-01-07
    4 months ago
  • My Disabled Child Is Still A Child
    Some wonderful thoughts and lived life experience from my friend and fellow blogger, Miriam Gwynne. I thoroughly agree with all she writes and encourage you to read her blog faithmummy Before I had children of my own I genuinely thought parents pretty much stuck together. I mean after all ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2019-01-04
    4 months ago
  • A Positive Year Ahead? Never Give Up Trying!
    Happy New Year!  Now there is a phrase filled with all sorts of questions, opportunities and possibilities!  Will it be happy?  How can we tell?  Do we say “Happy New Year!” with confidence that it will contain happiness, or out of hope that it might, or in defiance from a ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2019-01-03
    4 months ago
  • And A Happy New Year? Maybe…
    Christmas has come and gone, with all of its celebration, joys, and maybe some trials and tribulations thrown in for good measure… Racing up next we say goodbye to the old year and cheer in the new; but how that makes you feel might well depend on the kind of ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2018-12-31
    4 months ago
  • What kind of Father is God?
    puppet legs This Christmas I have been thinking about Joseph.  We often talk about Mary, the blessed Virgin but prompted by this 80s ... read more
    Lynn McCannPublished on 2018-12-23
    4 months ago
  • You Are Not Alone!
    Christmas can be a very difficult time… especially for parents of children with additional needs.  Everyone seems to be enjoying a perfect time of celebration, with invitations to meals, parties and festive fun flooding in, while for many of us the holiday period is a lonely time.  We can find that ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2018-12-20
    4 months ago
  • When you leave the thing you love the most
    IMG_0340 Has God ever asked you to let go of something you loved, even if it was a really good thing?  Why would God do that? ... read more
    Lynn McCannPublished on 2018-12-20
    4 months ago
  • Christmas News Letter
    Below is a copy of the Christmas newsletter sent with our Christmas email greetings. Our Christmas card list was becoming quite unruly, so for the last few years we have opted to send less cards and instead make a donation to Home for Good.Hello, and a happy Christmas from the ... read more
    Kay Morgan-GurrPublished on 2018-12-19
    4 months ago
  • Sabbatical Blog 5
    (Photo taken by Kay)I feel as though I've lived a life time in the last couple of months.As I said in my last post, Mum passed away towards the end of October. Despite her not being well, it was unexpected. I'm not even going to try and explain the feelings ... read more
    Kay Morgan-GurrPublished on 2018-12-07
    5 months ago
  • How To Survive The Christmas Chaos
    It’s Christmas!!  Those two words seem to divide the nation even more than Brexit has, with people falling into one of two ‘camps’…  Either you started wearing your Christmas jumper in October, had your decorations up in November and have already watched ‘Elf’ 12 times this season, or you feel ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2018-12-05
    5 months ago
  • Are you a Meerkat or an Additional Needs Lion?
    I’m sure you can picture the scene; the Sunday morning church service has been going for about 15 minutes and, seconds after the service leader has said “We’re going to have a few moments of reflective silence now…”, a child who has additional needs succumbs to the overwhelming feelings and ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2018-11-30
    5 months ago
  • An Open Letter To Our ‘Other’ Child
    Those of us that are the parents of a child with additional needs, or who support a child with additional needs, so often put so much of our time, energy and focus (and rightly so) into helping that child or young person to thrive, to engage with the world, to ... read more
    Mark ArnoldPublished on 2018-11-15
    5 months ago
  • How to make a visual timetable powerpoint for a church
    Church service timetable pics I’ve visited a few churches over the past couple of months and it’s been interesting ... read more
    Lynn McCannPublished on 2018-11-12
    5 months ago
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