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Makaton Symbols that say God Good

It’s been a tough few weeks for many connected with the Additional Needs Alliance.

For all additional needs and disabilities there are added risks with Corona Virus; from the virus itself, to anxiety that may lead to self harming, all the way to not being able to get the right foods for children who are food averse. There are too many issues to list here – we know you will be facing any number of struggles as a result of this time. We get it, and we are praying.

Trying to explain to some of our loved ones what is happening and why can be hard too, and we are all wanting to do this without raising anxiety even more – our own included.

Then there’s the questions along the lines of ‘why did God….?’
About that question. There is no harm in saying you don’t know or understand either. But follow up by saying that what you do know is that God is good and He loves us – we can be sure of this.
We did post a blog on here about healing that covers some of the suffering question, but I will try to find some publications on this for children that you may be able to use. You can find the blog here

But back to the thought that God is good.
During lent, I try to find one thing to be thankful for everyday. Today’s is being able to find a tub of peanut butter I can eat (I’m Lactose intolerant) when every other shop was sold out, even on line. This evening, hubby found just one tub left in Asda! But there have been other things. Having posted on Facebook about there not being any peanut butter, parents started saying what essentials they couldn’t get for their children due to panic buying. Others reading this thread offered to pack up and post the things these parents desperately needed because they could cope without. It was wonderful to see and so encouraging to see love in action.
I am thankful for those small things.

During this difficult time, how about starting to play the thankful game that was made famous in the Pollyanna story?
I don’t mean this to sound glib, but from the experience of a pants childhood and disability, I speak as one who knows difficulty, and along with it the help that looking for good things can be – however small those things are. It lifts your eyes and your spirits – maybe not straight away, but a habit of thankfulness is a good thing.

Let’s teach our children about the gift of thankfulness. Where understanding or response is difficult – do it yourself whilst telling your children why you are thankful. This gives the thankfulness a chance to sink in by osmosis – and you will be surprised how much will sink in.

There’s lots of ways to do this; a thankful tree – where you write your thanks on paper leaves and hang them on the ‘tree’, post it notes on the wall, writing them on pebbles, making them with Lego or Plasticine (With the latter two – take photos to remember them!) My favourite is bursting bubbles whilst clapping and applauding as thanks. Go and google ideas of ‘thankful activities’ to find more.

Make space in the day to be thankful – and to encourage others, why not post pictures of what you’ve done in the Facebook group.

From Psalm 138: Thank you for your love!
‘I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart.
I sing you praise, O Lord, with all my soul.
Thank you for your love, your amazing love that lasts forever.
Thank you for your love, your solid love that cannot fail.’
Kids Friendly Psalms – (written by Silvia Purdie)